Lyrics To California Browngrass Music album

Lyrics To California Browngrass Music album

California Browngrass Music-Tommy Dahill


Son, let me tell you just what to

Son, let me tell you what’s best for you

If you will only do what I say

You will be happy and famous someday

Needles, bottles, hookers and dice

You know the worst vice is AD-VICE

If I do what you do I’ll get what you got

And mister, I tell you, I’d rather be shot

Mister if you think I want your advice

Go look in that mirror and open your eyes

Needles, bottles, hookers and dice

You know the worst vice is AD-VICE

Tellin me things that I already know

Just so you’ll look good and steal the show

Good thing I’m Scarecrow and I got no brain

‘Cause all of your AD-VICE goes straight down the drain

Needles, bottles, hookers and dice

You know the worst vice is AD-VICE


Chollas in my side

Chollas in my thigh

Chollas in my eye

Make me jump a mile high

Chollas in my hmmm-mmmm!!!

Make a grown man cry

Chollas in my way

Turn sunshine to Grey

Chollas where I lay

Like a mule I bray

But Chollas set ablaze

By the sun quittin the day

Her needles an emerald flame

Chollas save the day

Conestoga Chevy

My friend Joe, he’s pretty well heeled

Got a 12-room house near a soccer field

Says I to he “You got a raw deal

Cuz your life term is signed and sealed

The house for me

Is made outta Detroit Steel.”

My Bedroom’s the Bonneville Salt Flat

My dining room it looks straight at

The Starlit eddies of the swirlin North Platte

Ate my breakfast right where Sitting Bull Sat

Joe, My friend,

Livin in your car is where it’s at

All you gotta worry about is food and fuel

You can quit being a snivelin pinstriped fool

Go to Napa and buy a few tools…

Just remember one short Rule

Cut your hair

Or the cops’ll nail you for driving while cool

Joe, you drive through your gate, you lock it behind you

Shut your front door, it’s easy to find you

You’re yer own warden you’re a prisoner, mind you

Try to escape your own alarm will remind you

One deed to rule them all

And in the darkness bind you

You don’t need no set of janglin jailer keys

You got a fixed rate 30-year lien

Slave six-to-six five days a week

But you miss a few payments and you’re out on the streets

And the Stimulated Package

Ain’t gonna give you no relief

Me, I get to know folks, and I know a little fame

Ventura County Sherriffs; they all know me by name

Hide and seek is our little game

Though those doggone flashlights they drive me insane

Mobile Steel Moteel

Conestoga Chevy’s her name

Just one thing and it kind of sucks

Meet girl whose shirt you’d like to untuck

Then you go and tell her, “Hey, I live in a truck”

Joe, my friend, y’ain’t gonna have much luck

Clear Channel

Spilled my coffee and made a splotch

Fumin about some OB-iotch

Clad in dreads, oh so natty

Funded by her Scottsdale daddy

Wearin a shirt that says Peace and Love

Gave some hobo a great big shove

“Outta my way you drunk old fool!

I’m too busy tryin to be cool”

Well, there used to be a group they called the hippies

All you need is love...and bein trippy

But now it’s just a style from my 70’s

You can put a peace sign on the bumper of your Mercedes.

Henry Rollins and X (the band!)

Next up was Social Distortion

Stuck amidst a bunch of Street Scene fans

And all their tattoos and leather and rolled up pants

Some girl tripped on a plastic cup

Not a doggone mosher helped her up

All I could think was “What the hockey puck?”

That never would’ve happened in ‘81

You know, there used to be a group that had no name

NO STYLE AT ALL was the game

But then some news fool started calling it punk

And now we got prefab leather-clad clear channel junk

All I Want Is More

Well I burned lots of grass

And gallons of gasoline

Fell head over heels

For every flaming curve

That I ever seen

Montecito in 64

Now it’s burnin

Burnin some more

Witch Creek, in 1970

Cedar in 2003

Never seen such beauty

Get so jacked I can’t even speak

Had to ride my bike out to see

Styrofoam cooler

Cover it in

Tester’s glue

Melts it into

An insane goo...

Put inside

A dry ice bomb

Set it alight

It makes killer napalm

Scares the crap

Outta my mom

She wonders why

The backyard’s gone

Plaza Bonita

Out in Chula Vista

Stand in the parking lot and look all around

Burned that beautiful browngrass a blacker shade of brown

With my friend, Paul Pullen

On a September Wednesday in 1973

I realized that day

At the age of eight

I got a hunger I can’t sate

I got a thirst I can’t slake

Never enough of that flamin stuff

Never enough of plenty other stuff

Passed through that door

Where all I want is

All I need

Just gotta have

Do anything for

All I want is


*Paul Pullen is a fictional name., NOT the name of my friend. I know no Paul Pullens.


I have tried for months to write this song but I always get it wrong

It’s about a tree that I always see as I go walking along

From Green Valley Falls

To the Eastern Sierra walls

I don’t even know why they call it a tree cause

It’s only a few feet tall


Julian apple-cita

I have drunk a thousand shades of blue

Charging waves at Makapu'u

I have been back home to Erin’s green

More verde than I ever seen

But never did I knew

A word for her hue

That I can use to tell you

About her branches draped in dew


In the mountains there to greet ya

Framed against a deep blue sky

On the ridge above my head

High above the heat of Carrizo Gorge

Is where she makes her bed

Silver and red, her branches

Living and dead

Cause  it’s only through fire she's bred and

How her seed is spread


I'm comin home to see ya

Absolution Blues

Woke up this morning

Wondrin what’s the use

Think I musta had

These old pointless Blues

My mama tells me

I'm stark ravin mad

She's lucky these old blues

Somethin she never had

Ain't no point

In gettin outta bed

All these evil thoughts

Runnin round my head

I know I must

Not think bad thoughts

It’s all this thinkin that

Gives me a limp in my walk

My solution

Is to stop evolution

Go out in the desert

And find absolution

Waves at Point Reyes
It's 41 and there's no sun

I went down to get me some

Walls of friendly cobalt blue

You can drive a truck through them tubes

Sky is grey and grass is green

Currents like I never seen

Rips, fingers...haul me out

There's no one to hear me shout

Waves at Point Reyes

Waves at Point Reyes

Waves at Point Reyes (perfect A-frames)

Waves at Point Reyes (drive me insane)

Elephant seals and great whites!

Paralyzed by stage fright!

Wetsuit gets warmer

Oh, god, I soiled me armor!

Veins of writhing icy foam

Don't think that I'm comin home

Crashin like an atom bomb

Give my best to my poor mom!

Double, triple shorebreak!

Oh lord it makes the Earth shake!

Dive down and hold my breath

Tuck and roll and wait for death...wait for death

Waves at Point Reyes

Waves at Point Reyes

Waves at Point Reyes

Waves at Point Reyes

Platinum Blonde

Ik lopt nast uw ram en je zegt mijn naam

De eerste ding je vragt was bent je een gek man

Je denk dat ik wil maar uw platinum blonde,

Je versta mij rechts, je versta mij slechte

Wij prat op de foon maar je altijd moet gaan

Misschien er zijn iets dat je wil niet weten

Je denk dat ik wil maar uw silicon bombs

Je vesta mij rechts, je versta mij slechte.

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