Lyrics to Chatanika (album)

Lyrics to Chatanika (album)

Lyrics to Chatanika

Words and music by Tommy Dahill

Copyright 2017 Muskeg Mudsuck Music and Media LLC



You Mind Ain't You Friend

Saturday morning at 3pm

Mind’s a 45 RPM

Walls are singing “This is the end”

You know, you mind, it ain’t you friend


Should I stay or should I go

Tell me I don't want to know

Stuck between the to and the fro

"Concave and Convex", "Above and Below"


You know, your mind; it ain't your friend


Hours and minutes; they start to blend

Tattoo on my head, some kind of omen

Harbinger of thoughts that haunt within

Conscious thought is the real Satan


You know, your mind; it ain't your friend


Arctic Flower Tommy Dahill


Dance and sway against a White Mountain wind

Petals trace the arc of the midnight sun

Raindrops bead on her alabaster skin

Roots of her beauty delve deep within


Savor these hours

With my arctic flower


Eternal, enduring the rages of time

Escaping the chains and shackles of our minds

My angel dancing in the aurora light

Mother Teresa, Sister Mary Divine


John the Martyr by Tommy Dahill

Hang me from an oak tree!

Hang me from an oak tree!

Let my body

Hang for a week

Till my spirit

Haunts your dreams


Hang me from an oak tree!

Hang me from an oak tree!

Sell my soul

For ten pounds

Send me to my

Hanging ground


Hang me from an oak tree!

Hang me from an oak tree!



In my hometown


By that bastard

Thomas McGrath


Hang me from an oak tree!


Hang me from an oak tree!


Johnny Dahill is my name

Blacksmith am I by trade

Hanged in 1798

For playing my part

In the Patriot’s Game


Hang me from an oak tree!


Hang me from an oak tree!


In killing me

You made me a martyr

cause in my blood

Runs Holy water


Dirt Road Tommy Dahill

Livin on a dirt road,

Everybody waves

And if you're hauling a heavy load,

They'll slow down and wait

If you're stopped they'll check

Just to see if you're OK

Cause, livin on a dirt road,

That's just the way


But all these smiles and these country miles

They come to a screeching halt

As soon as progress paves it over

And you're on asphalt

The Tupperware Lady; she's just got to get

Her daughter to the Mall

DVDs and tinted windows

Our private castle walls


"Hey, you! Grandpa!

Pull over--let me pass!"

"And you, Mario Andretti,

Get your nose out of my rear-window glass!"

The right-of-way goes to the Escalade

With the greater mass

"I saw Cal! I saw Cal!

And I leased me some class!"


Now, if you travel, you can still

Find folks on dirt roads

In fact, that's the way it mostly is

All over this tiny world

They'll welcome you with open arms

And bring you in out of the cold

Their hands are raised, their arms are waving

And their smiles are unfurled.


Blue Balls of Heaven Tommy Dahill


Little Blue Balls

Sent from Heaven

Every hill

A 7-11


Hung there in

Powder blue

Looks too good

To be true (but it is...)


Chillin with


Hung there by

Tooth fairy (the Sweet-tooth Fairy...)


Climb on up

Any hill

You can just

Eat your fill


Eat your fill but

Have a care

Don’t get et

By Missus Bear (cuz she likes em too...)


I’m talkin...



A Hell With No End


Knocked Upon My Door

Didn't say, "Hi..."

Knocked Upon My Door

Didn't Say Why

Knocked Upon My Door

Stood there and cried

Knocked Upon My Door

Said Goodbye


Always knew that this

Day Would come

Always knew that we'd

Had our run

Always knew that there

There was another one

Always knew I'd have

To get my .44 gun


Shot him in the face

Right between the eyes

Shot him in the face

Right between your cries

Shot him in the face

Right there he lies

Shot him in the face

Now his mouth is full of flies


Hangman, bring that rope

Hangman, bring it here

Hangman, bring that rope

Put it right below my ears

Hangman, bring that rope

Bringin my death near

But I don't feel no fear


Jesus bring me home

Whenever you say when

Jesus bring me home

Home to my friends

Jesus bring me home

For the lives of all those men

Jesus bring me home

To a Hell With No End



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