Lyrics to Gravel Bar Blues (album)

Lyrics to Gravel Bar Blues (album)

Metropole -Tommy Dahill

Six weeks without seeing a soul

My heart is dancin like a skipping foal

But that Steese Highway sucks me down the hole

And I snag my anchor in the metropole


I’m sorry, my love, if I seem rude

But I can only breathe in solitude

Get lured back by these multitudes

Whose glitter outshines my fortitude


You say you want me to settle down

But you’d never settle for a settler anyhow

My heart’s too big for this skyscrapin town

You’ll never chain me to a mule and plow


If I sit too long in one spot me arse gets sore

And the world becomes a pointless bore

Restless irritable and discontent to the core

So I’m going somewhere I never been before


Build That Road-Tommy Dahill

Hot and blonde and kind of dumb

Bubble gum nails, she just got 'em done

Twin peaks of tanned silicone

If we pave it she will come

Build that road and she will come


Driving his headlights up my bum

Rotten teeth and cheeks like drums

Lookin, lookin...gotta get some

If we pave it he will come

Build that road and he will come



Two a.m. and tires hum

Living by the freeway makes me numb

Willowed moose trails are now a slum

If we pave it they will come

Build that road and malls will come


Sockeye, coho, king, and chum

Eagle takes one in his talons

Wolf slides by on her endless run

If we pave it they won't come

Build that road and they'll be gone

Gone gone gone gone gone gone gone


1:1 and Onto

Had a teacher

Didn't seem all there

That guy couldn't bother

To comb his own hair

All he'd do is mumble

About sets and ordered pairs

All I ever heard

Was his vacant stare


Guy wasn't playing

With a full deck

His tie, it'd be tangled

All around his neck

But I was only 20 and I just thought

"What the heck?"

Man, he'd stare at the floor and mutter

About where groups intersect


Now, oh now

Now I understand

Now I have become

I have become that man

Try and I try

Try all I can

But I can't remember to think

Or even give a damn


Gone, she's gone

She ain't comin back

I carry her ashes

In a bottle in my pack

Up and down the river

She travels on my back

Listen, Saint Francis

Listen, hear me crack



Days Into Daze

Days into days

Each  one the same as last

No hopes no dreams

No future no past

Killin time before the end

Hoping it comes fast

Why don't you help me

Use that pillow till I gasp


Days into days

Feeling like a clown

Lord what an effort

Just to write this down

Looking for a pencil

Scrambling all around

In my thoughts I’m swimming

Lord I most to drown


Hours into hours

Days into days

Starin at the wall

Starin into space

Countin all the ways that

I’m pi out of phase

Have I reached Nirvana

Or is it just a daze



Treeline -Tommy Dahill

Blinded by the moonshine

Shadows cast by starlight

Shooting star divides the sky

Livin above the treeline


Swirling fog hides my way

Wind tears me from where I lay

Midnight sun won’t quit the day

There’s no price I could hope to pay


Life unfolds at walking speed

Trudging to the rhythm of the Pleistocene

Climb into God’s eternity

Where the mind of Man's a blasphemy


Seconds are weeks and weeks are days

There ain't no paths but a million ways

Endless peaks a sawtooth maze

Revel in the privacy of open space.


The Plague

Rats are in the streets

Rats are in my sheets

Rats biting my feet

Rats with lovely teeth

Rats give me their disease


Stuck in this city

Not allowed to leave

Trapped in quarantine

My wife I cannot see

Her time is soon coming

She is quite sickly

Not time for to grieve


Dare I ask the question

Why did the lord send

This awful torment

When will this end

The dying I cannot mend

All  I can do is try to tend


Pray to God above

Who finally relents and sends his dove

Who speaks but one word

That word is







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